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Jai Govind Public School is the creation of Saral kumar's brain, the only son of Jai Govind singh ,situated in lush-green environment on NH 24 Dehli road Joya (Amroha) 

The feeling of success comes from doing something for somebody – benefiting humanity."
Dear Parents,
A true learning experience is that which ideally culminates into an understanding of self at the individual level and establishes a harmonious relationship with all the members at the collective level. In The Jai Govind Public School, Joya we make noble efforts to provide a platform for encouraging this enriched learning experience.

The parent's cooperation, trust and faith in the school's philosophy and vision has reinforced my conviction that challenges and responsibilities of fulfilling our commitments are going to be effectively achieved.

The JGPS Joya team aims at creating a platform where we can share our views and ideologies and create a sense of belonging and pride that will bind us together with universal chords of love and understanding, so that we create a beautiful world for our children to grow… where learning comes from within. A perfect blend of traditions & values, an amazing combination of past and present where the home and the school are in perfect harmony with each other in moulding the child's future.

The spirit of the school has to reflect in the actions of the students, the staff members, the parent's, the community and in the nation. The future of The Jai Govind Public School is in our hands and together we will secure the future of the school as "The leading lighthouse in education and human values."

Thank you for having faith in us.

Managing Director 
Saral Kumar( M.A. B.Sc)