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Thank you for visiting the web pages of the Jai Govind Public School located in Pollution-free atmosphere near Sot bridge Delhi road Joya Distt-Amroha,UP, Our school proudly embraces our link to India in our pursuit of a top-class English medium School. We hope your visit on our website reveals better some of the reasons students, parents, and teachers all are proud to be here.

Our students love being here because they have challenging courses on offer as well as school-based courses that give them an impressive array of subject choices. The school is welcoming and new students often comment on how quickly they make friends and are made to feel a part of the school. Add to that the chance to participate on athletic teams, clubs, activities all on a beautiful and well-resourced campus, and it all adds up to an academically excellent, English education experience.

Our parents love being here because their children are happy, challenged, and nurtured. The school grounds are safe and secure and the variety of courses and activities are plentiful. The faculty is experienced and of a high caliber which translates to positive experiences being the norm here. The standards are high and the experience in the classroom is a challenging academic one. An impressive list of college and university acceptances adds to the reasons that parents love the school as well.

Our faculty love being here because the student body is diverse and hails from nearly 50 Villages. The facilities and resources with which teachers have to teach ranks high . The working environment is friendly, collaborative, and respectful.

Despite being in rural area we are leaving no stone unturned to give back to others in meaningful ways. A large number of our activities and club in the school revolve around service opportunities and is a strong foundation of the educational experience here. Our community is kind, thoughtful, and unselfish.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the school program and what life is like at JGPS for school students, parents,, or faculty. We are proud of our academic and extra-curricular programs and equally confident that you will find our school community friendly and truly embracing the notion of engaged, life-long learning. Jai Govind public School is truly a special place.

Rifaul Hasan
M.A (economics)
Specialization (In English Language)